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InviGenius® PLUS

Item No.: 5011102000


The InviGenius® PLUS instrument is a powerful tool for fully automated walk-away DNA/RNA purification. Up to 12 samples can be processed in one run, making it an ideal choice for low to medium throughput. The instrument offers a range of features for efficient DNA/RNA purification including a deep-well plate for processing of large sample volumes, heating positions for efficient lysis and high recovery elution, barcoded labware for full traceability and a choice of elution tubes or plates for more flexibility. The instrument also features a droplet catcher, UV light for decontamination and unidirectional LIMS connectivity for accurate sample tracking. Liquid handling is performed with an air displacement pipettor that uses filter tips to prevent cross-contamination. The InviGenius® PLUS ensures purification of high-quality nucleic acids for reliable downstream applications such as PCR and sequencing.

Item No.: 5011102000


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InviGenius® PLUS


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Standardized sample preparation: Extraction of DNA and RNA from up to 12 samples in one run

Walk-away procedure: Fully automated extraction of cfDNA, genomic DNA, total RNA & pathogen nucleic acids

Reliable results: Advanced process safety and in-process control Proven performance with InviMag® magnetic-particle chemistry