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Opela III

Not Just A Shadowless Light. Not Just A Headlight. This Is The Next-Generation Medical Light.


This Light was developed to be a wearable surgical light that can bridge the gap between shadowless light (OR light) and conventional surgical headlight to better meet the needs of surgeons. The result was a revolutionary product with features that surpass standard specifications of medical headlights, while also reducing formation of shadows. OPELAIII Wearable Surgical Lighting System was launched in 2017 in Japan as a response to discerning surgeons wishing for clearer visibility of surgical fields. A collaboration between one of the top surgical light specialists and a renowned product designer allowed for “high quality illumination” to merge with “high mobility and comfort.” With 145,000 lux of brightness, OPELAIII Wearable Surgical Lighting System will change the way surgery is performed, not just in hospitals but everywhere from local clinics to remote specialized emergency facilities in the field. OPELAIII separates itself from regular surgical headlights with its superior brightness, novel technology, innovative design, comfort, and genuine consideration for safety.


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Opela III


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High Intensity 3 LED's enable high intensity light while retaining compact size

Reach Deep Areas Unique optical design penetrates deeply and illuminate periphery

Shadow Reduction Proprietary technology minimizes shadows from forming for clear visibility

Gentle to the Eyes Fading contour reduces eye strain just as OR lights, unlike headlights